Oskar Laffont asserts that the key to a triumphant portrait lies in meticulous preparation. Driven by an unwavering passion for crafting portraits of prodigious lifelike quality, Oskar embraces and teaches the techniques of the Italian and Flemish Old Masters with a contemporary approach, often incorporating landscape, wildlife, and surrealist elements into his pieces to deliver the essence of the sitter. His artistic process, marked by meticulous planning, seeks to conjure the illusion of life on canvas, as showcased in the captivating "Nocturna" , adorned with intricate details in both background and clothing, with minute precision.

 ​ In his quest for excellence, Oskar meticulously gathers all essential information before immersing himself in the artistic endeavor. This ensures that he can fully delve into capturing the true essence of his subject on canvas. Oskar approaches his craft with an unwavering commitment to detail, leaving nothing to chance. 

Prior to the delicate dance of brush on canvas, Oskar strives for every nuance to be thoughtfully resolved through preparatory sketches and open communication with the sitter. 

The intricate process of creating a portrait—whether from live sittings, photo reference, or a seamless fusion of both—involves months of dedication, every brushstroke is a considered decision. Oskars relentless pursuit of excellence in painting spans over 30 years, emphasizing that the success of a portrait hinges on the artist's vision, understanding, discipline, and skill, transcending the mere replication of visual elements to create a piece that is both unique and unrepeatable.

 A carefully orchestrated setup precedes a photo shoot after an initial meeting with the subject. This meeting serves as a window into the subject's personality and gestures, ensuring authenticity in the final masterpiece. Compositional sketches and color studies serve as refining tools, guiding the trajectory of the portrait. 

Returning to his studio, Oskar meticulously selects and combines photos to craft a composition that is harmonious and authentic. Approval of this design precedes the commencement of the actual portrait leaving no chance for surprises, offering a tantalizing preview of the artwork's vibrant vision. After the client and artist see eye to eye, then does bring the final portrait to life.

 In the nuanced realm of posthumous portraits, additional photos aid in unraveling the subject's structural intricacies. Oskar's dedication to authenticity may even lead him to sculpt the subject's head either physically or digitally, in order to truly understand the subjects' facial features. The portrait is then carried out by the painstaking application of colors in thin layers—a time-consuming yet profoundly impactful technique. 

The final stages of this artistic journey include subtle adjustments of skin-tone colors during brief sittings, providing clients with an intimate view of the nearing completion. Clients are invited to participate in multiple sittings throughout the portrait's evolution. Upon completion, the option to view the final portrait at 

Oskar's studio or receive a photograph for approval is extended. Oskar prides himself that every single brushstroke is his own and not created by a studio or assistants. After the masterpiece has been completed, varnished and delivered, the owner has a lifetime guarantee for damage in order to preserve the integrity of his legacy for future generations to marvel and enjoy.